Traffic Ticket Violations-Speeding Tickets

SPEEDING TICKETS! Most of us have had one. In Missouri, the average speeding ticket is 2 points on your driver’s license. Too many points can lead to a suspension of your driving privileges or a suspension of your license all together.

In many circumstances, it is extremely easy to get that pesky speeding ticket amended to a defective equipment charge which will result in no points on your driver’s license.

Another reason to amend speeding tickets is to avoid the costly increase in your car insurance premiums. Car insurance companies will look at your driving history and if they see that you have had any speeding tickets, they may opt to increase your insurance premiums.

In short, it is much easier to amend these speeding tickets to defective equipment charges and get zero points on your driver’s license. The Haggerty Law Firm can assist you with your speeding ticket inquiries. 

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