The holidays are approaching and for some individuals estate planning or powers of attorney are on their mind. Family members gathered around the dinner table, or around the Christmas tree, talking about times past, bring up memories or questions about where the year has gone.

People always say “Next Year”. And then inevitably the year goes by and no Last Will and Testament or Power of Attorney was ever created. Good news however, because you, just like the majority of the clients at The Haggerty Law Firm, are in the same boat.

We hear this story several times a week. “I told myself I would get my affairs in order by the end of the year.” At The Haggerty Law Firm we understand that who you want to leave your property to may not be the conversation that you want to have, but it is a conversation that needs to be had. Just like if you, or your spouse, should become incapacitated, who is going to pay your bills, make medical decisions, etc.?

Again, we have good news for you! There is still time to get your affairs in order before the end of the year. So, tell you friends and family to come see us at The Haggerty Law Firm and sleep better at night knowing all is taken care of.

Happy Holidays from all of us At The Haggerty Law Firm.