Out of State Documents

At The Haggerty Law Firm, we often see many documents that were created in another state. Clients inevitably will move around the country and their documents might be from another state. Clients of The Haggerty Law Firm ask us do they need to be changed? Our response typically is yes.

It is much easier to use a document in Missouri, based on Missouri law, if you are planning on living in Missouri. This can be anything from a Last Will and Testament, Revocable Trust Instrument to Powers of Attorney. Banks and other financial institutions are going to be more familiar with other Missouri documents then out of state documents.

One big reason to adopt Missouri documents is that Missouri, in regards to powers of attorney, do not have to recognize out of state powers of attorney. So, The Haggerty Law Firm’s advice is to spend a little extra money to conform your current documents to Missouri law and sleep a bit better at night knowing they will be recognized and accepted in your home state. 

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