Last Will and Testaments

Last Will and Testaments are perhaps one of the most misunderstood documents that I see at The Haggerty Law Firm. The idea is that once you execute your Last Will and Testament is that you never will need it. Why? Because the real reason one would utilize their Last Will and Testament is because they have items passing through probate and their named Personal Representative is admitting the document to probate.

The Haggerty Law Firm still recommends executing a Last Will and Testament because you never know if there is that one piece of property that you forgot to title with a beneficiary designation or into your Trust Agreement to avoid probate. Should you have an item that needs to go through the probate process, then your Last Will and Testament will state to who, and sometimes under what circumstances, your loved ones will inherit your property.  

The Haggerty Law Firm will assist individuals with all questions related to Last Will and Testaments and how best to title property to avoid probate. 

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