Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a great way to inform your family, your friends and your charities, what your intentions are at your death. Estate Planning allows you to name who is going to succeed to your property (whether real or personal) at death. Estate Planning allows for all debts of the decedent to be paid before final distributions to beneficiaries will be made. Testator’s (the individual making the estate plan) can also select in what share they would like individuals to receive property. Children can inherit property equally, or unequally should the testator desire.  

Estate Planning can consist of a Last Will and Testament, a Revocable Trust Instrument or Both. At The Haggerty Law Firm the Attorney and Client will discuss what assets the testator has as well as how and in what proportions the testator would like to divide his or her property at the time of their death. All of this will be discussed at the initial meeting and a recommendation will be made by the Jennifer J. Haggerty as to how to proceed. Instructions will also be given to the Testator on how to best title their property in order to fulfill the wishes set forth in the estate plans. 

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